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The choice of celebrities & Makeup Artists

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The best quality of Mink, Brazilian Silk and Human Hair Luxury Strip Lashes at affordable prices!

Tatti Lashes are re-usable up to 15 - 25 times.

The choice of celebrities and makeup artists everywhere.

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3D Luxury Mink Eyelashes

Tatti Lashes Luxury 3D Mink collection. These wispy and super fluffy glamorous styles can be worn up to 25 times and are the ultimate celebrity favourite. Our 3D Luxury Mink lashes have been seen on Khloe Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B and Nikkie Tutorials!

With a 3D affect, our super wispy and full volume Luxury Mink lashes create the perfect dramatic look. Made from only the best premium material, our Luxury Mink lashes are so easy to apply. If you want your lash game to be strong, then these are definitely the lashes for you!

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3D Brazilian Silk Hair Lashes

Our 3D Brazilian Silk lashes are extremely soft, lightweight and super fierce. Made from the highest quality of silk they’re easy to apply and can be worn up 15 - 20 times!

Slay all day every day with our Brazilian Silk lashes, perfect for subtle daytime glamour or for a more dramatic evening look. These lashes are realistic and elegant with a fanned effect for added volume, they suit all eye shapes!

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Russian Hair Volume Eyelashes

Tatti Russian Hair Lashes are perfect for a day to night look.  We offer styles from a natural to a glamorous look!

Made from silky-soft and super-light weight, real human hair, these lashes are perfect for when you want to play it cool or sass it up! Easy to apply and set on a clear band.

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How to Care for and Clean Your Mink Lashes

Your Tatti Mink Lashes can be worn 15 - 25 times when cared for properly. To ensure you get the most out of your Mink Lashes it is essential to care for and clean them after each use.

No Mascara

Mascara will ruin the quality of your Mink Lashes.

Try to apply mascara only to your natural lashes, if needed, before applying your Tatti Lashes. 

Keep Them Clean

After removing lashes gently peel off any glue left behind. Take a Q-tip with rubbing alcohol and swipe the rim to remove bacteria.

Be Gentle

When removing lashes be as gentle as possible.

To help loosen the glue try using a Q-tip moistened with Micellar Water or oil free makeup remover and dab over the band before removing.


Store your lashes in the original package or a closed container to avoid collection dust or bacteria.

This will help them remain clean and retain their shape.

Click on the Video Below to Learn More on Cleaning Your Mink Lashes

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