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We are a product of passion, founded by a dynamo with wits as sharp as his scissors. Michael O'Rourke built an empire by breaking all the rules. His philosophy inspired an army of awesome ambassadors, who subscribe to the school of "anything is possible."

Live Sexy

Innovate fearlessly. Unleash creativity. And let your passion lead the way. Our “go bigger” philosophy doesn’t just apply to style—here, it’s a way of life. And unlocking potential is our ultimate area of expertise!

Use Sexy

Best known for our big red can of hairspray, in fact, we sell a can of hairspray every 4 seconds! We are the #1 professional hairspray brand, but what you may not know is that we are much more than that. We have a full line of both styling and hair care products to suit the need of every hair type.

BIG SEXY HAIR – creates voluminous hair

HEALTHY SEXY HAIR – adds moisture to improve hair health

STYLE SEXY HAIR – a variety of hold, shine, and texture to fit your styling needs

SMOOTH SEXY HAIR – smooths coarse hair types

VIBRANT SEXY HAIR – extra care for color-treated hair

LONG SEXY HAIR - detangles, moisturizes & adds shine to long hair & extensions

HOT SEXY HAIR - helps prevent heat damage and protects hair up to 450°F* 

Love Sexy

Ready to check out what it’s all about? Explore some videos to see our passion in action.

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