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This Color Lock Shampoo cleanses and helps keep color vibrant for up to 10 weeks*. Condition of hair is optimized for better styling.
Ingredients: Rose & Almond Oil.

Vibrant Color Lock Liter Duo

  • Tired of hair color fading after a few washes? The Vibrant Sexy hair line was created to help keep hair color fresh and vibrant for a longer period of time. In fact, when using the Vibrant Sexy Hair Shampoo, Conditioner and Color Guard as a regimen, it is proven that hair color remains vibrant for up to 10 weeks.*

    Discover Vibrant Sexy Hair Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner. Created with Rose & Almond Oil, it is proven to keep strands looking vibrant for up to 10 Benefits: - This Sulfate, Gluten, Paraben and Salt Free Shampoo and Conditioner made with Rose & Almond oil helps keep hair color looking fresh for up to 10 Weeks!


    -Restore and seal the hair shaft to protect from color wash out.

    - Provides great lather, helping remove dirt and residues in a gentle, effective way.

    - Hair feels clean & fresh yet moisturized.

    - Can be used daily - pH 5.92.


    - Protects color by moisturizing and improving flexibility as well as restructuring the hair damaged by the process. - It helps to keep hair moisturized and seals the hair cuticle for optimal color retention. - Hair feels soft & easy to comb through - Can be used daily - pH 3.42



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