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This Hot Tool Protection Spray is an excellent way to defend hair against harsh temperatures, leaving you with shiny, protected locks! Protects up to 450°F and reduces breakage by up to 78%*.

*Results from Independent Study against untreated hair.


Support Me 450ºF Heat Protection Setting Hairspray

SKU: 646630016778
  • Using a curling iron can cause damage to hair overtime and sometimes curls don't even last through lunch! Using Support Me not only protects hair against high heat, it gives curls amazing staying power!

    - Protects up to 450°F
    - Holds curls up to 24 hours*
    - Helps maintaing long lasting, damage-free curls without any crunch
    Q: Who is Hot Sexy Hair for?
    A: Hot Sexy Hair is for everybody and anybody that uses hot tools to style hair.
    Q: When should I use Hot Sexy Hair versus other Sexy Hair sub-brands?
    A: We recommend that use Hot Sexy Hair in addition to your favorite Sexy Hair regimen, simply use Hot Sexy Hair products before using hot tools.
    Q: When should I use each product?
    A: You should use Hot Prep on damp, towel-dried hair prior to blow drying. Once hair is dry, you should use Hot Defense before using an iron for protection and Hot Setter for protection and hold.
    Q: What is the difference between 450º Headset & Support Me?
    A: Support me is a brand new formula that has been designed and formulated to hold curls for up to 24 hours! It has a thinner viscosity than 450º Headset and an improved spray pattern. If you were a fan of 450º Headset, you will love the amazing, long-lasting results you get using Support Me.

    *Results from Independent Study against untreated hair.
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