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Everyone is wearing them! Available in three styles for any personality, mood or occasion, False Lashes finish off any look from casual to dramatic, day or night. They feature thin, flexible bands for easy application (even for beginners) and most importantly, they are comfortable to wear. The bands are engineered specifically for each lash style to ensure the best shape, design and fit for the eye, and are customizable to fit your eye. These high-quality lashes can be reused with proper care for a variety of wearable lash looks. Pair with your favorite Merle Norman mascara to blend with your natural lashes and for a more dramatic look.

Strip Lashes (Lengthening)

SKU: 885682589124
  • Features a flexible band for easy application. Lightweight for comfortable wear. Adds volume and length to lashes. Customizable to fit your eye. Reusable. Perfect for day or night.

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