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Creates undone texture that looks and feels like you’ve spent a day by the sea. Helps nourish, protect and heal hair damage with the power of Argan oil. Cures winter blues by giving your hair the look and feel of a day at the beach.

Soy Renewal Beach Spray

SKU: 646630011933
  • Q: When should I use Soy Renewal Beach Spray?
    A: Use when you want texture and carefree looking hair that looks like you've spent the day at the beach.

    Q: Does Soy Renewal Beach Spray provide my hair with hold?
    A: Yes, it gives a medium amount of hold that lasts throughout the day.

    Q: Should I use it on wet or dry hair?
    A: It can be used on wet hair then blow-dry with a diffuser or just air dry. It can also be sprayed lightly into dry hair to quickly add a touch of volume to the root area.
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