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Give your confidence a boost with this innovative, dry aerosol thickening spray that offers instant and long lasting volume. Push Up wraps around the hair to create beautiful, thick and healthy looking strands. With its no crunch finish, anti-humidity and UV protection formula, styles last throughout the day. Push Up is the perfect product to create body and volume without weighing the hair down. Pair with your favorite Sexy Hair hairspray for a stronger hold.

Push Up Dry Thickening Spray

SKU: 646630014989
  • Q: Can I use Push Up before styling my hair?
    A: We recommend finishing your style with Push Up and using on dry hair.

    Q: Should I use hairspray after Push Up to finish my style?
    A: You don’t need to add hairspray once Push Up has been applied but if you want a higher hold you may finish your style with a hairspray of your choice. You can still layer Push Up afterwards or throughout the day.

    Q: Can I layer Push Up or will it weight my hair down?
    A: You can layer Push Up. The more you use, the more density it will add to the hair without a product feel.
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