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For all skin types. Is your makeup guilty of doing a disappearing act by midday? Lock it in place with Expert Touch Finishing Spray. Its unique dispersion system creates an ultrafine mist that forms an invisible microscopic mesh-like barrier against environmental factors that can meltdown or dry out makeup while still letting skin breathe. A synergistic balance of effective soothers and flexible sealers leaves skin with a comfortable finish that never feels sticky or tight. It’s fast-drying, so there’s no waiting time.

Expert Touch Finishing Spray

  • Apply makeup as usual. As a final step, hold the bottle 12"-16" away from face, close eyes, and gently mist face. Dries quickly. Can also be used throughout the day to refresh.

  • Exchange with original receipt within 4 weeks of date of purchase.
    Exchange for product or in store credit only.

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