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For all skin types and for those undergoing hormonal changes. We can’t stop those hormonal changes, but we can help you with dryness, signs of wrinkles and loss of elasticity. For skin’s little ups and downs, this weightless moisturizer is designed to provide women experiencing hormonal changes with time-released hydration. The formula contains Soybean, Wild Yam and Clover Extracts along with new ingredients Rubixyl, Vivillume and plant-derived ceramides to effectively restore luminosity and a youthful vitality. An anti-irritant and calming agent soothes and conditions while a menthol derivative delivers cooling relief for menopausal women. Contains optical diffusers to minimize the appearance of flaws upon application.

Changing Skin Moisturizer

SKU: 885682039100
  • Oil-free. Non-comedogenic.

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