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Muscle Toning Lotion

8 oz. Tube

The most advanced transdermal lotion available – BeautyBum’s revolutionary formula creates youthful, skin-tightening, smooth skin that begs to be touched and shown off.


BeautyBum® Peach Bottom

C$69.90 Regular Price
C$48.93Sale Price
  • BeautyBum® is THE transdermal lotion for helping you attain healthy, beautiful skin. Providing you with patented Dermacore® in its formulation, your skin will become silky smooth while the additional elements in the exclusive European formula in the lotion lets you target specific areas of the body such as the hips, thighs, hamstrings, glutes, and abdomen to give your skin youthful elasticity – promoting tight, firm, luxurious skin.

    When utilizing this remarkable formula, you can actually feel the product working to rejuvenate and invigorate your skin. You’ll notice a warm sensation on the areas in which you applied BeautyBum®. Simply apply the toning lotion once or twice a day to the target areas and allow the formula to work its way deep into the skin.

    No longer is there a need to hide areas of your body that you aren’t comfortable showing. Bring back that sexy smooth skin! With BeautyBum® you can once again regain your confidence and feel comfortable in your own skin.

    The ground-breaking formula in BeautyBum® attacks cellulite-prone areas – preventing it from forming as well as penetrating deep into the fatty tissue under the skin to eliminate cellulite and allow your body to use the fatty lipids that were broken up as an energy source.

    It doesn’t just end with breaking up fat and eliminating cellulite, BeautyBum® improves circulation to the skin and improves the skins natural elastic properties to give your skin a tight and firm appearance without wrinkles and bumps.

    BeautyBum® is the gold standard and was formulated to help women sculpt and tone their body. Many lotions on the market try to emulate our formula, but they only allow for around 9% absorption. With BeautyBum® you are getting a 92% absorption rate! When minimizing cellulite and improving the appearance of your skin is your goal, BeautyBum® is the lotion to help you achieve success.

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