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Keune recently celebrated their 95th birthday and are a family-owned business driven by passion, characterized by integrity. Today, Keune products are used by hundreds of thousands of salon professionals in over 70 countries around the world!

CARE VITAL NUTRITION    nourishes, repairs, and protects hair

CARE KERATIN SMOOTH  delivers active keratin deep inside hair structure

CARE COLOR BRILLIANZ    preserves intensity and brilliance of colored hair, extreme shine

DESIGN SILVER RELFEX        toning, color enhancing and gentle cleaning shampoo. Removes yellow from blond, white and grey hair.

BLEND                            mixology for hair. Every BLEND product can be mixed, blended and cocktailed together

Despite their international growth, Keune is still family-owned and operated. George Keune sr., son of founder Jan Keune, still shows up to work every day—even after 65 years with the company. George sr.’s two sons also work at Keune. Their family company is driven by passion, characterized by integrity. They're known for pouring heart and soul into every facet of their business. 

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